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3 (Actually 4) Books to Read This Month - Health, Habits, & China

There are a few books I have read recently that I would like to recommend on health, habits, and China - in that order.

The first is 'Eat to Beat Disease' by William Li. From a birds-eye view, it is a book about what to add to your diet in order to activate your body's defense systems. He delves into the science of how certain foods and lifestyles affect epigenetics (the turning on and off of genes we carry in our DNA), angiogenesis (the creation of new blood vessels and how important that is in fighting cancer, surviving heart attacks, creating muscle, etc.), the immune system, the gut microbiome, and more. He touches upon telomeres - the extremely interesting protectors of our chromosomes (If you want to learn about telomeres, I highly recommend 'The Telomere Effect' by Elizabeth Blackburn).

The second is 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear. He asserts it is not the goal that we should focus on, but the process that will get us to that goal. He lays out the guidelines of how to make incremental changes that build up over time, resulting in progress originally thought unobtainable. He breaks down making change with a 3 layered approach of identity, processes, and outcomes. One takeaway: Don't give up because you don't see progress. Keep taking the time to make small, positive changes. All the time you spend learning a skill or working on a project will be building up, but won't show until the time is right. For the other amazing takeaways, read or listen to 'Atomic Habits.'

The third, written by Henry Paulson, Jr., is ‘Dealing with China.’ While the book mostly covers pre-2009, there is a wealth of information and insight shared to us by Paulson, Jr. regarding how China works that still holds true today. It sheds light on parts of Chinese government and business that is hidden to the average person and clears up misunderstandings many people have when thinking of China. If you plan on doing business in China, or would like to learn more about the business side of China, I highly recommend this book.

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