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Aaron Trimble

Primary Expertise: GTM Strategy, Digital Advertising & Copywriting

Primary Industries: SaaS, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Education, and Retail

Languages: English (Native), Korean (Fluent), Mandarin (Low Intermediate)

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Aaron is a digital marketing expert with a proven track record of delivering record-breaking results that have saved clients over $20,000,000 in ad spend since 2019. 


As a marketing strategy genius and marketing ideation visionary, Aaron transforms complex marketing challenges into actionable plans that drive results. 


Are you at a loss with your marketing or GTM strategy?

Are you heading in the right direction, but not making progress nearly as fast as you hoped?

Have you invested tens of thousands of dollars into marketing with no real results?

Time and time again, we come across businesses who have invested copious amounts of essential funds into marketing agencies who over-promise and completely fail to deliver. With so many companies being burned by 'digital marketing agencies' who promise the moon and end up delivering a handful of sand, I began offering digital marketing audits.


These one-time audits are a deep-dive into the below areas, complete with an analysis of the good, the bad, and the changes needed to improve:

-Overall consistency in digital marketing strategy and voice

-Campaign setup and structure

-Targeting and demographics

-Ad creative and copy

These digital marketing audits have been the catalyst that have companies anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000,000 in ad spend due to highlighting egregious mistakes and areas of improvement that should have never happened, but are always found (I've seen well respected digital marketing agencies make huge, easily preventable and fixable mistakes that have been neglected for months, costing their clients thousands). 

How much are you losing to subpar performance and missed mistakes with your digital marketing? Request a digital marketing audit now.


Mathew J., CEO

Aaron's hard work, coupled with his expertise in high-value marketing and copywriting skills companies need to grow is second to none

Miguel F., Business Owner

Aaron is a marketing wizard who really cares about your success

Viviana W., Owner

Aaron is an amazing marketing strategist who has driven our sales up more than ever expected

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